Sunday, October 25, 2015

Steady As She Goes...

The locomotive chugs and whirs.  As it picks up steam, it moves.  Slowing climbing, steadily on a track, it modulates speed with the turns, hills, valleys, and stops along the way.  So goes my writing in 2015.

I finished The Complete Picture Book Submissions System which was a great easy to follow guide to publication.  I queried away and also again entered this year's local sidewalk poetry contest.  No passengers jumped on the train, but it keeps on moving.  I'm excited to give PiBoIdMo 2015 a try next.  I'm never short on ideas and this will be a fun way to collect some more.

Enjoy my 2015 Sidewalk Poetry submissions.

Training Wheels
Concrete under feet,
Gravity pulls down.
Carry me on my way,
Stabilize my ground.
A block to know, a world will grow.
Ready, steady, pedal slow,
Hold me close; then let me go.

Sweethearts’ Walk
A step to take, towards the sun.
A hand to hold, you are the one.
A path ahead, with bending lines.
Loving smiles, and twinkling eyes.
A whispered hope, a bended knee.
Heartbeats skip, a gasp of glee.
A yes! A kiss. Our love’s journey.

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