Monday, May 2, 2016


Write This!    
 Many of our most memorable experiences of childhood or teenage years center around being left out. In 100 words or less, show us how it feels to be left out. Practice voice!

All entries due May 20. Send entries to scbwiwritethis@scbwi.org 

“How do you plea?” demanded the freckled mock court clerk.  My thrift store turtle neck tightened as I gulped, “Not guilty.”  “Was the dog with you at the time of the incident?” grilled the metal mouthed defense attorney.  As planned, I claimed, “No, it wasn’t with us.”  Smoothing her designer skirt, the other defendant smiled and answered the same.  The conformist middle school social studies class jury declared, “Bridget – not guilty, and Tessa – guilty.”  With flushed face, I felt accusatory eyes on me.  The high-brow court decided she perfectly could do no wrong and I was guilty of being unpopular.

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